2018 Events Schedule

New York State Local Clubs

Niagara Trials Committee Contact:
Laverne Bowen (P) 716-930-0766
Entrance fee will be $15.00
  • Eden – June 3rd
    4847 Belcher Road, Eden NY 14057
  • Dale – June 10th
    4752 Pfleum Road, Dale, NY 14039
  • Medina – July 15th
    3405 Bates Road, Medina, NY 14103
  • Pavilion MX Park – August 19th
    1200 Taylor Rd, Pavilion, NY 14525
  • Pavilion MX Park – October 7th
    1200 Taylor Rd, Pavilion, NY 14525

Miller Ranch Trials Contact & Event Information:

Aaron Miller (p) 607 962 7922


Spring Event – April 15th
Summer Event – July 22nd
Fall Event – October 21st

District 3 (3D) Trials Contact & Event Information:
Contact: Ian Maynard (P) 607-423-9308
Events start at 11AM


  • Will update when dates are confirmed.
District 4 Trials Committee Contact:
Regan Faught (p) 607-731-4820 (e) rwfaughht@aol.com

D4 trials events run from 12:00 to 5:00 with a rider meeting @ 11:45.
AMA membership is required and available at the event.
Competition entry fee is $15

New York Air Cooled Trials Contact & Event Information:
11 AM start time for all competition events.
Moreland Gate System scoring.
Low entry fee of $10, which includes food after the event.

Getting to Our Events:
The directions provided on our schedule page are for planning purposes only. Construction projects, heavy traffic, weather, or other circumstances may require you to adjust your route accordingly. GPS is a useful tool, but you should always evaluate your route to make sure it is the best way for reaching a particular event. As an aid to navigation, we post orange and black directional arrows in the vicinity of each event. Be on the lookout for them as you approach!
Four Bike Classes:
Prehistoric – 1971 and older.
Historic – 1972 through 1977.
Classic – 1978 and newer twin shock and drum brake.
Modern – 1991 and older monoshock and/or disc brake.
NOTE: To preserve a vintage experience, all bikes must be air-cooled.